Saturday, March 12, 2016

Destination: Future

The photo above shows a dormant landscape, it is a field in Germany simply waiting for the cycle of the season to reset itself in the spring.

The past five years were full of intense challenges that nearly broke us, our supportive families were horrified by the ugliness that comes from evil people. This past summer (2015), we began relocating our little family of four (1 man, 1 woman, 1 boy, 1 cat) to a small village in Southern Germany.

The simple answer for why we relocated is that my Partner/Fiancé is 1. German and 2. received an excellent job offer he couldn't refuse. Of course more complication is buried in our story as I had suggested, and without hesitation we packed up our lives, put our house on the market, sold our cars and furniture, purged unneccesary baggage and set off to start anew.

The dormant field metaphor is appropriate as we will finally be able to thrive again and experience our own Le Sacre du printemps.

This move is not only about experiencing our Sacred Spring, its also about shifting my American city dweller schema and aligning it with life in a small southern german village and appreciating the hilarity of the process.